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The persistence of writing

But the poetry notebook, while it hasn't helped my powers of observation worth a hoot, has been for the last forty years a place to vent steam in private, a seedbed for critical articles, and a parking lot for notions to retain. —X.J. Kennedy

Notebooks? In the age of the laptop? What is it with these poets, you’re probably asking yourselves? How ridiculous can they get? — Charles Simic

I have always found comfort in the act of writing things down by hand. In a world where digital tools have become ubiquitous, it can be tempting to dismiss the traditional practice of keeping a journal or notebook. But for me, there’s something meditative and grounding about the physical act of writing that simply cannot be replicated on a digital device.

Don’t get me wrong, digital tools have their place, too. In fact I nerd out on them frequently. Searchable and easily accessible from any device, they make it simple to capture experiences in a multi-faceted way, incorporating photos and videos along with text. But for me, there is something empowering about the sound of the pen on the page—an undeniable satisfaction to the tactile experience of journaling.

As a poet, my journals and notebooks are not just places to jot down ideas and musings. They help me quiet my mind and focus my thoughts. They are integral parts of my creative process, providing a space for self-expression and connection. (Although let me clarify that in place of genius what you’ll usually find is a form of organised chaos, a labyrinth of this and that.)

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